So this is the first post in my 30-day blog challenge.

My current state

Today I am not feeling very well. I caught a really bad cold, and I am constantly coughing. My migraine is at its worst today, as if that nasty cold alone doesn't suffice.
Nevertheless, I killed the last 8-10 hours migrating this blog from WordPress to Ghost. I will write a detailed post on that later.
Right now, my head is literally spinning. I should get to bed soon, having a strong feeling of nausea. I have an exam tomorrow, so I should wake up early and study.
I don't feel like writing, but I also don't wanna skip the first day! :)

Why I write

The short answer is - I write for fun.

I don't write for money or any financial gain. No part of my multiple websites run ads.

I have my own blog (this blog). I write about mostly tech and my personal life here. I am also a tech reporter at a reputed online newspaper here in Bangladesh.
I am not a very frequent writer, but I still try to post regularly.

I started this blog in 2014 to write more often, and also to improve my writing skills. Before that, I used to write in some local Bangla language tech portals.
I needed an identification for my writings. More importantly, I wanted a place to freely express my thoughts. Thus this website was born.

What I write

I write about all sorts of technologies on my blog. Here I also write my personal opinions, things I desire, my regrets, my thoughts, and my life.

I have many years of experiences in various IT fields; including Web Technologies, Linux, Web Performance, and Information Security. One of the motivations behind opening this blog was to share my bits of knowledge in these fields with my fellow readers.
I want to simplify complex technical ideas and deliver it to the mass. My goal is to explain complicated systems to the average joe in the plainest terms possible.

Besides Tech, I also write about my memories and opinions.

All of my posts are explicitly labeled. Personal posts are tagged #Life and Tech posts are #Tech. No confusion here.

See Y'all in the next post tomorrow! :)