Welcome to the second post in my blog challenge series.

My strictly personal take on the right and the wrong

(Before even beginning this paragraph, I want to clarify that this is strictly my personal view. Don't take it too seriously.)

To me, the boundary of the right and the wrong has always been slightly blurry. I believe there is no such thing as something 100% right or 100% wrong. Right and wrong depend fully on our attitude and our viewpoint. I support the idea of holding a non-judgemental mind towards things.
Nothing in our deranged world is purely consistent, rights and wrongs aren't exceptions.

From my prospect, a label is the inverse of a conclusion. We can't think outside the box if we always put a "right or wrong" label on everything. Having an open mind is the most important thing in our life. What's wrong today might not be the same tomorrow.

Now, if you think I am supportive of doing immoral things - I am not. Morality is one thing, and having an open perspective is another. Just because you have a separate evaluation does not invalidate mine. Just don't be unreasonable.

TL;DR: I think labeling anything as absolutely wrong or manifestly right is bullsh*t. We should be moral and logical instead.

See you tomorrow in my next post. :-)