1. What guarantees do you provide?
    - A super fast website.
    - 95+ on PageSpeed Insights/Chrome Lighthouse Desktop and Mobile.
    - A Grade on GTMetrix.
  2. How long will the optimization last?
    My optimization is NOT temporary. I use modular techniques for optimization. If you add any new content, make any layout change, or even completely revamp the website design, the optimization system I will set up will automatically optimize the new changes.
  3. Will you remove any functionality, code, or existing plugin?
    No. Every single functionality you have on your website will remain intact.
  4. Will there be any downtime?
    There will be absolutely no downtime.
  5. Will you work on the live website? Will there be anything broken?
    Usually I work on live sites.
    There is absolutely no chance of anything breaking. I have a very organized workflow, and there are several steps in that to ensure nothing ever breaks. I always thoroughly quality check all changes through Chrome DevTools before deploying these on the site. After deployment, I test everything using automated Selenium instances. This happens on each step of the optimization. So, like I said - there is absolutely zero risk.
  6. What happens if I do not get the results that you guarantee, or I am unhappy for some reason?
    I am obsessed with my clientele satisfaction. If you are unhappy for ANY reason, I will provide a full refund.
  7. Can we have a quick call to discuss the project?
    Absolutely. You can schedule a call with me here: https://links.ashik.cc/call
  8. I need your email to grant access to accounts.
    My email is [email protected]