Speed Optimization FAQs

  • Load time under 2.5 seconds on ALL pages
  • 95+ PageSpeed Insights score on both Mobile and Desktop on ALL pages
  • Blazing fast website.

If I don’t deliver on my promises as I mentioned above, or you are unhappy for any reason – you will get 100% refund.

There is absolutely no chance of anything breaking on the website during the optimization process. Before making the optimizations live on the site – I thoroughly test out all optimizations using automated Selenium instances and Chrome DevTools to make sure that everything works properly. 

There will be no changes to the website layout, and no functionality on the website needs to be removed. Even if you have tons on heavy content or scripts on the website, no worries. I will take care of everything no matter what the situation is – without losing any functionality.

In simple terms – your website will remain and behave exactly the same, just much faster.

I use adaptive optimization techniques, which means the optimizations will automatically adapt to any changes made on the website. Because of this, the website will stay optimized for a very long time (years!).

Not at all. My optimizations are adaptive, so any changes you make to the website (new post, pages, or content) will get automatically optimized.

There is no manual action needed from your end. Everything is completely automated, so you can just focus on creating the best content.

No, you don’t need to pay anything for any plugins or subscription.

Absolutely. You can create new content or make modifications to existing content (post, pages, etc).

However, please refrain from adding new plugins or scripts to the website until my optimization process has finished.