I first learned about the 30-Day Blog Challenge roughly two years ago.

One of the tech blogs that used to I follow arranged it. The challenge sounded fun, and a good way to strengthen my writing skills.


I was totally in love with the idea. From the inception of this blog, I have always wanted to do something like that. I know I can blame my busy life for not starting that challenge, but that is just a false excuse. The truth is - my constant procrastination habit had perpetually been the highest obstacle to my goals. It is the lethargy that kept me away from the keyboard.
Nevertheless, I am a believer in the "better late than never" saying. But I do need a wake-up call.

Last night, I had exactly that. I had a dream, a scary nightmare which is still somewhat funny. I was dying; alone, inside a dark cave-like place. There was a light at the end of that cave. I was choking for air and crying for help, and I saw a strange shadow covering up the only light source. I don't know how I knew this, but the shadow was of my "long-overdue" to-do list.
When I woke up, I had a self-realization. I love my life. And I want to live it to the fullest extent. If I were to die tomorrow, I want to make sure that I don't have regrets for the my "overdue" tasks. I want to experience everything, from agony to contentment.

So here we go with this 30-day challenge. Tomorrow will be my Day-1. I will continue writing daily to the end of this month. I will write some of these posts in English and some others in Bangla. I will publish this whole series in my Blog at https://ashik.cc.

To be honest I don't know if I can write 30 posts this month, partially because I will have exams. But I will try my best. Let's see what happens!