Hi, my name is Ashik Ishtiaque Emon. My email is [email protected]

I have a diverse range of skills and experience in Web Technologies, Information Security, and Linux Systems.

I mainly identify myself as:

  • Web Technology Developer - Worked with hundreds of companies, individuals, and organizations to develop robust and scalable web apps. (Skills and experience listed below)
  • Web Performance and PageSpeed Specialist - Certified by the Google Developers Experts network as a PageSpeed Expert.
  • Linux System Administrator - Certified by the Linux Professional Institute as a highly skilled Linux SysAdmin.
  • Information Security Researcher - Recognized by Adobe, Chromium (Google), WordPress.org, Trello as a Hall of Famer bug hunter. Worked with numerous organizations and companies to evaluate and harden their security.

My skills and experience:

  • General Web Technologies - I have extensive development experience with PHP, MySQL, AJAX, Node.js, JavaScript, ASP.NET. I know all the essential markup and design languages including XHTML, HTML, HTML5, CSS, JSON and several others. I have coded backends and frontends in Python, Perl and other multipurpose languages as well.
  • WordPress, WooCommerce - I have been using WordPress to develop websites ever since its first public release. WordPress has evolved a lot over its 12+ years of journey, and so has my WordPress skills and experience. I have collaborated directly with WordPress's parent company Automattic.
    I have worked with hundreds of corporations, startups, individuals, non-profits, and other entities to develop, scale, and optimize their WordPress needs. I have developed multiple WordPress plugins with complex operation functionalities, and I have also built some WordPress themes.
    Entities I have worked with includes TED, TheNextWeb, and many other highly reputed online businesses.
  • Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop - I am very familiar with these E-commerce platforms, and I have developed custom solutions using these for 100+ web-based businesses.
  • Web Performance - I have a strong background in performance tuning. I have developed, designed, and deployed web systems that can actively handle millions ofย requests per second using the least amount of resource.
  • Linux Systems - I am a Linux enthusiast, and I support the Open-Source ecosystem. Most of my production and staging systems run various distributions (flavors) of Linux like Ubuntu, FreeBSD, and CentOS. My web systems also make extensive use of Open-Source Software, ranging from fail2ban to WordPress.

Coding philosophy

I am an admirer of clean coding. I want to write code that is easy to collaborate and maintain. Regardless of the project size, I try my best to write the most organized and efficient code possible without sacrificing usability.

I am a big fan of minimalistic designs.

Human life

If I am to talk about my life minus computers - I am a mountain biker, a devoted lover of books, and a backpacker. Binge reading all types of books is in my blood.

I am a linguaphile, I practice foreign languages in my free time. I speak four languages. My primary language is Bangla, but I am quite fluent in English too. I also speak Spanish and some French. I love colors and I love taking photos. (Mostly of nature and landscapes, here is my Flickr)

I am a family guy. I love spending time with my dearest ones.

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